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Little Gems has a website at

Little Gems combines the magic of three-part harmony with the driving forces of indie folk rock.

Individually they are eclectic, having played everything from Renaissance music to Trip Hop, Samba to Balkan folk, Country Western to Indie Pop. Members of Little Gems have performed for the Pope in the Sistine Chapel, sang topless at the Fillmore, appeared on television from Los Angeles to Serbia, and played with everyone from the Kronos Quartet to Chali 2na. Together they have produced or performed on over 65 albums, played thousands of shows across the US, Canada, and Europe, and sung in over 20 languages.

Since the summer of 2021, Velvy & Jenny have been presenting concerts in their Grass Valley backyard.  What started out as a modest neighborhood event has evolved into a bonafide concert 'happening', with A-level artists, impeccable sound, and beautiful vibe.

Summer 2024 Schedule

Sun, May 19:   Broken Compass Bluegrass

Sat, June 22:    DearJohnLoveRenee + Velvy Appleton & Rebecca Chourré

Sun, July 28:     The Coffis Brothers

Sun, Aug 19:     Duo Quartet (Nina Gerber, Chris Webster, Jeri Jones, Pam Delgado)

Sun, Sept 7:      Ordinary Elephant

Below are some highlights from past shows...

Broken Compass Bluegrass

May 19, 2024

Monica Pasqual & The Handsome Brunettes

July 30, 2023

Rita Hosking & Sean Feder

July 10, 2022

Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald

Sept 16, 2023

Freebo & Alice Howe

May  21, 2023

Hannah Jane Kile

August 14, 2022

Misner & Smith

June 25, 2023

Kyle Alden & Randal Bays

Sept 19, 2021

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