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Velvy was a founding member Spark & Whisper, along with his musical partner, Anita Sandwina.

From 2010-2019, S&W recorded 3 critically acclaimed albums, and performed hundreds of shows, including The Kate Wolf Music Festival (2013 & 2014), The American River Music Festival, The Rivertown Music Festival, The Throckmorton Theater, The Mystic Theater, The Nevada Theater,

The Grass Valley Center For The Arts, and many more...

Velvy produced all 3 of the Spark & Whisper albums. Their 'Ghost Towns' album, co-produced with Monica Pasqual, was honored to be included on a dozen+ 'Top 10 Folk Albums of the Year" lists in 2013.


Spark & Whisper (2011)
Spark & Whisper (2011)
Ghost Towns (2013)
Ghost Towns (2013)
Monument (2016)
Monument (2016)


"Monument solidifies Spark & Whipser's status among the best songwriting and performing partnerships working today. The eleven song collection has a rare depth of quality extending far beyond rote acoustic singer/songwriter fare. This is an all-around excellent package aiming to entertain and illuminate alike. It is informed by traditional music, but there's a rock & roll spirit burning just beneath the surface."

"Monument contains equal parts cool breeze and nitro-glyceryn guitar riffage. Spark & Whisper can truly do no wrong no matter what style they play in-- like the Moody Blues crossed with Crosby Stills & Nash-- an absolute pleasure in a world in desperate need of REAL music. There's so much to dig into on Monument that it will take multiple listens to absorb, and that is the mark of a truly good record."

"Spark & Whisper aren't afraid to adhere to traditions nor challenge them, which makes Monument a standout record. There are no bad tracks to be found-- threaded with banjo, mandolin, acoustic & electric guitars, pedal steel, a stellar rhythm section, and a cascade of irresistable vocal melodies/harmonies, there are a multitude of pleasures to enjoy."

"Monument doesn't sound like anything else out there. The compositions are strong, punchy, and to the point. There's no need for epic length with songs this good. Monument recalls blues & country rock as much as the elegance of Santana and Al Dimeola. This is truly a reurn to roots music that is actually worth hearing."

"There's a level of excellence to Spark & Whisper's work quite unlike anything else on or in the scene today."

"Sensitive, introspective, and at times, hard-driving indie-folk. This group is a serious force in modern folk." Paul Liberatore, Marin IJ 8.12.11

"With 'Ghost Towns', Spark & Whisper prove once again that they are top-shelf songwriters, and have a collaboration that renders musical magic; a fresh sound with gorgeous harmony, delivered with a passion that draws the listener in to absorb the meaningful lyrics and savor the music." Lili Kuzma, "Folk Festival", WDCB Public Radio, Chicago


"Yesterday & Tomorrow"


"Dark & Wild" (w/Nina Gerber)


"Sweet Child O' Mine"

"Who I've Been"

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