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Airbnb "Hosting"- Director
Angie's "What"- Director
Coalition "Mission"- Director
GoPro "Hero 5 Black"- Director
Akili "Endeavor" - Director
"Wanderlust", Whistler BC- Director
AIRBNB "Personalizing"- Director
Adobe "Shawna X" - Producer
Newport Folk Festival - Director
"Hellboy"- Visual Effects Producer
"Sea Creatures", London- Director "SMCCD"- Director
Facebook  "Groups"- Director
AppDynamics "Barclays"- Director
"BrickFest", New Jersey- Director
AIRBNB "Expectations"- Director
Lytro "VT" - Director
"CUESA" San Francisco- Director
"Pivotal/Kroger", Director
Lytro "Hallelujah"- Director
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