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Velvy Appleton is a singer-songwriter-guitarist living in Grass Valley, CA.


For the past 25+ years, Velvy has been writing and performing with a wide array of Bay Area bands and artists, including Spark & Whisper,

Monica Pasqual & the Handsome Brunettes, Little Gems, Audrey Auld, The Dolly Mamas, Howie’s Persuasion, The Valley Blues Brothers,

Three At Last, Liz Stires, Robert M. Powell, and the seminal SF Brazilian dance band, Nobody From Ipanema. 

Velvy’s original songs strike a unique balance— dynamic musical composition &  lyrics, combined with a groovy, rock-n-roll sensibility--

creating work of a singular artistic style and vision. 

His 2013 Ghost Towns album with Spark & Whisper, co-produced with Monica Pasqual, was sited on a dozen+ 'Top Ten Folk Albums of the Year' lists. 

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